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Canada's exclusive dual-nation golf training institute. Experience North America's finest resources, advanced golf tech, and elite TPI physical training system, tailored to help you achieve your golfing dreams.

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Discover the unparalleled expertise and dedication that drive the success of Premium Royal Golf Academy.


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Experience the premium infrastructure and cutting-edge technology that complement our elite team's expertise at Premium Royal Golf Academy.

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World-Class Faculty

Our academy boasts an esteemed faculty comprising top professionals, certified coaches, and industry leaders. Their collective expertise ensures that every student receives personalized, cutting-edge instruction tailored to their specific needs.

Elite Golf Partnerships

We maintain strategic relationships with top North American universities, tailored to benefit students specializing in golf. These partnerships provide exclusive academic and golfing opportunities, setting our students on the path to success.

A Track Record of Success

Our extensive portfolio of success stories speaks volumes. From beginner-level students who've risen through the ranks to elite golfers who've secured scholarships at top universities, our training programs have consistently produced outstanding outcomes.

Witnessing Remarkable Progress Firsthand

Embark on a journey through the captivating stories of our students, as each chapter unveils transformative moments, unparalleled skill advancements, and the embodiment of golfing passion. Dive deep into these tales that celebrate not just the sport, but the heartwarming, breathtaking, and amazing experiences etched into every swing.

Attending Premier Royal Golf Academy has been transformative for me. Within a short span of time, I’ve seen tremendous improvement in my game, all thanks to their cutting-edge training methods and expert guidance. I truly feel ready to take on bigger challenges in golf!

Matthew Clarke

As a parent, nothing compares to seeing your child’s rapid development and newfound confidence. My daughter’s skillset has elevated significantly post her sessions at the academy. It’s clear that the instructors here are among the best. Thank you, Premier Royal Golf Academy!

Kelly Wang

The blend of modern technology and traditional techniques at the academy ensured I received a holistic training experience. Each day brought new learnings and an evident enhancement in my gameplay. I am genuinely grateful for this enriching journey.

Jennifer Lee

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